Clever pup picks up owner’s packages in exchange for treats

Everyone wants to be compensated for their labor and that includes Mommam the dog.

Oil Suttinai, Mommam’s owner, lives in Bangkok with the canine. Last May, she recorded footage of him assisting her with one of the household chores.

The clip shows Mommam retrieving a package from her home’s gated entrance. He holds the cardboard parcel in his mouth, then carries it over to Suttinai who rewards him with a meaty treat. Then the dog pulls off the task again with a yellow mailer envelope.

“Mommam is a helpful dog but he doesn’t work for free when he does me a favor,” Suttinai told Newsflare. “He has been trained to be a good delivery man.”

Retrieving, commonly called fetching, is an instinct for many dogs. The feature was bred into the species thousands of years ago when humans first began domesticating the species. At least 15,000 years ago, when humans were still hunters and gatherers dogs would assist our ancestors by retrieving food.

The dogs that were best at fetching were the ones that humans bred so that the skill would be passed onto their offspring. Over thousands of years, the instinct has remained. But don’t worry, dogs actually enjoy the task because they get to utilize their skills. In fact, in most cases, your fluffy friend won’t require a reward or treat to fetch. The very act is the prize itself.

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