Climber shares jaw-dropping 360-degree view of walk along narrow ridge: ‘I’m scared’

Swedish mountain climber Elin Skyttedal proved something that all non-climbers already know: climbing mountains is scary.

In July, the Stockholm-based adventurer shared footage of her terrifying ascent to the peak of Mont Blac massif, Aiguilles d’Entréves, located in the Alps. The narrow ridge is located at an altitude of 11,800 feet.

What makes the ridge particularly scary is that it’s a thin slither of a mountain.

“Tag a friend who is afraid of heights,” Skyttedal wrote in the caption of her post documenting the journey. 

Skyttedal’s 360-degree camera footage shows her grasping at grooves in the ridge with her hands. She pulls herself up and forwards to make her way across the peak. Her climbing partner can even be seen a few feet ahead of her. The wind whirrs around her. Terrifying.

“I’m scared,” one user commented

“That’s probably the most beautiful view,” another said

“A really fun and exposed ridge,” someone added

The rocky summit of the Aiguilles d’Entréves borders Italy and France. Experienced climbers will find making their way up the ridge to be easy early on. However, leading up to the peak is a far greater challenge with the summit being so sharp and narrow. 

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