Woman deeply concerned after discovering boyfriend’s lie about a past relationship: ‘Is this a red flag?’

A woman found out her boyfriend was lying to her about a past relationship

She went on Reddit’s “Relationship Advice” forum for help. Her boyfriend regularly brought up a story about a “clingy girl” he used to know who was fixated on him and he insisted he never reciprocated. But after the Reddit poster did some digging, she discovered his story was true — except the roles were actually reversed and he was the clingy one. 

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“He’s always talked about this clingy girl within his group of friends that kept making moves on him a year before we dated and how she made him uncomfortable because he didn’t like her at all,” the Reddit poster said. “I always found the fact that he keeps bringing it up very suspicious but I thought it just made him feel good to be chased or whatever people do in that situation. A few months ago the topic came by and I asked him to explain the situation. It was a long story but all he was telling me is that she was head over heels for him and that he kept rejecting her moves and wasn’t interested at all. The fallout story was weird, he said something happened within his group of friends and she stopped talking to him.” 

When he showed her a photo of the “clingy girl,” the Reddit poster recognized her as an old acquaintance. 

“I asked her out to catch up and we got to the topic of the serious thing that happened,” the Reddit poster explained. “She explained her side of the story and she said she has moved on. I asked her if by any chance that was the reason she stopped talking to my boyfriend and I asked her about their relationship at the time, she explained the whole thing about their dynamics and showed me their chat. Basically, everything he told me was true except the roles were reversed. Their last conversation is basically just him sending her blocks of texts asking her if she was okay and begging her to respond. The block of texts went on for almost a whole year and she just ghosted him. Is this a red flag or should I leave it at that?”

Reddit users thought the boyfriend might still be clinging to the memory of the woman. 

“He is still obsessed with this woman to some degree and the reframing of the story allows him to talk about her,” a user commented

“He knows that he’s creepy because that’s how he describes her,” another said

“He is obsessed with her and lying to you about it repeatedly,” someone wrote

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