Maximize your closet space with this ‘life-changing’ hack

This affordable space-saving hack is perfect for clothing hoarders (and maybe LaCroix lovers too).

When In The Know’s Lisa Azcona moved into a new apartment with a walk-in closet, she thought she had enough space, but she had a lot of clothes. So Azcona decided to use a simple hack to maximize her closet space.

“If you’re like me and have way too many clothes and not enough space to hang them, I have a life-changing hack for you,” Lisa said.

After unpacking for a few days, Lisa still had two giant suitcases full of clothes and a closet that already looked beyond stuffed.

“My plan is to use wire hangers and soda can tabs to double the space in my closet,” Lisa said.

To start, Lisa took a clean, empty soda can and popped off the tab.

“Please, be super careful with this since the edges can be really sharp,” she added.

Next, she grabbed two hangers (metal, lightweight ones tend to work best for this) and slid the tab onto the hook of one hanger through its top opening.

Then Lisa slid another hanger into the tab through its bottom opening.

Finally, she added clothing pieces to each hanger. Combining the two hangers into one allowed her to hang nearly twice as many items in her closet.

“I love this hack because it lets me see my clothes all at once, it also lets me curb my shopaholic tendencies because I can literally see everything I have right in front of me,” Lisa said.

While this won’t work for heavier clothing or thicker hangers, it’s still a win for lighter tops and smaller items. Lisa also warned that it’s not the most aesthetically-pleasing hack but there’s still room to work with it.

“I think that if you sectioned off certain areas for this hack it could look really nice,” she added.

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