Co-parenting exes still have an adorable relationship: ‘Your son will thank you both someday!’

Co-parenting is pretty common today. But two parents who can put their differences aside for their little one is a bit rarer. 

In the U.S., one in every two marriages ends in divorce and over 50 percent of families are remarried or recoupled. That means lots of couples share parenting duties even if they don’t live together. No one is saying it isn’t complicated, but kids deserve their parents’ best foot forward. 

TikToker Marissa gave a shout-out to her son’s father for being a great co-parent in an upbeat video. 

“And that’s on good co-parenting,” Marissa captioned the clip.

Her son’s father walked up the driveaway’s path with their son in tow as the song “My Baby Daddy” by Nut N’ 2 Nice played in the background.

The father was all smiles as he dropped the little one off. He even stopped in his tracks and did a playful dance. There was no bad blood here. 

The joyful video received over 11.8 million views. People praised the two parents’ bond.

“I love when people are able to love their child more than they dislike each other. Your son will thank you both someday!” one user wrote.

“Your son is going to be so thankful for your relationship when he’s older. Having parents who aren’t together but are friendly with each other is the best,” wrote another user.

“This is the cutest,” another person wrote

“Y’all look like y’all have a healthy relationship. Very important for the child’s growth,” another commented

“His little dance is too cute and so is that baby,” a user said

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