Woman claims Uber driver ‘saved’ her after she was robbed at Coachella, and now she’s paying it forward

A woman is crediting her Uber driver for “saving” her from an emergency after she experienced a bad night at Coachella. 

Influencer Becca Moore alleged that at Coachella, her phone, credit card and keys were stolen. When she was stranded in a new city by herself, she claims it was her Uber driver that stepped up to make the horrible experience manageable. Now she wants to pay it forward. 

“I got robbed at Coachella,” she said on Twitter. “My phone, credit card and keys were taken. The next day, I was left in a city alone with no way to ask for help. A hotel got me an Uber, and the driver ended his shift to stay with me all day. He helped me file a police report, and we ended up getting margs.” 

She shared a few pictures with her driver, Raul Torres. The two had a few margaritas and looked at ease with each other in the photos. Torres also helped Moore get a rental car and even figured out how to help her track down her phone, so she wouldn’t have to buy another one.

“He saved me in an emergency that day, so I want to help him!” she said in a tweet.

After speaking with Torres and his wife, Moore launched a GoFundMe to repay the driver. 

“I learned that Raul has a daughter in high school who is currently struggling through chemo. He told me all he wants is for his daughter to have a normal end to her senior year and to be able to go to big events like prom and graduation,” Moore explained. “Raul’s dad has cancer as well and is under their care, so his family is currently caring for two family members with cancer in one house.”

Sadly, the day after Moore set up the fundraiser, Torres’ father passed away. 

“This timeline of events has made me realize this wasn’t a coincidence. The people we meet are not really strangers,” Moore wrote in an update. “The Torres family didn’t know they’d wake up this morning with a funeral to plan today too, and I am beyond thankful for your continued donations.” 

On a more positive note, the kindness of strangers prevails. With a goal of $150,000, Moore has already raised over $143,000 in just three days for the Torres family. 

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