Doctor ‘terrifies’ TikTok with little-known coffee fact

A doctor on TikTok is grossing out viewers after revealing that cockroaches are commonly found in pre-ground coffee.

Dr. Karan Raj has over 3 million followers who tune in to watch him debunk science and health myths and share some of his knowledge. Dr. Raj is a surgeon based in London and he also lectures at his alma mater, Imperial College London, as well as at Sunderland University.

His videos range from explaining how to avoid acid reflux to answering pressing questions like whether animals dream. But there’s one TikTok in particular that some fans wish he had never posted.

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In the viral clip, Dr. Raj explained that pre-ground coffee — the kind you can get in most stores — can contain ground-up cockroaches.

“Just so you know … if you drink coffee, you’re also consuming cockroaches,” his video’s caption read.

“Certain percentages of coffee beans become infested with cockroaches and other insects and they usually can’t be processed out completely,” Dr. Raj claimed.

He added that most food and health authorities do allow a certain percentage of “bug parts” in food. According to fact-checking by Snopes, this is largely true, however, it’s unknown whether there have been recorded cases of cockroach traces in ground coffee. Most examples, Snopes notes, are anectodal.

Dr. Raj recommends you avoid drinking pre-ground coffee if you’re allergic to cockroaches — but otherwise, they’re not much more than a tiny source of protein.

“You’re telling me I’ve been drinking the very thing I am terrified of my entire life?” one incredulous TikToker commented.

“This is one of those things I regret knowing,” another added.

Dr. Raj wasn’t short on more alleged fun facts in the comments section either.

“Some people who work in coffee processing often become allergic to cockroaches as a result of constantly handling the beans,” he claimed.

“Thank goodness I only drink tea,” one user responded.

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