5 cocktails that are perfect for beer lovers

Beer goes well with many foods and occasions. Whether you’re at a backyard barbeque or the beach, beer is a key player among the cast of beverages. But sometimes plain old beer isn’t enough and you want to kick things up with a cocktail. Not a problem, because here are five cocktails where beer is the main ingredient!

1. Watermelon shandy beer cocktail

Watermelon and cold beer are summertime favorites. In addition to being delicious on their own, beer and watermelon also make an excellent cocktail blend, as shown in TikTok user Nykki Dang’s (@dangeatsgood) video.  Dang’s “One In A Melon” watermelon shandy is a simple infusion of mashed watermelon, fresh mint, lime juice and sugar with any choice of light beer. Serve with additional mint leaves for a chic garnish. 

2. Pale ale and lime with pineapple juice


This is what happens when I’m home alone! Defo try this one guys! Perfect summer drink! #NewCreation #TryThis #SummerDrinks #BeerCocktail

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Accidents can sometimes lead to breakthroughs, which is what TikTok user Hari Beavis (@haribeavis) discovered in her video featuring a Corona with lime and pineapple juice. Take a Corona, slowly pour in a little bit of pineapple juice, and top it off with a lime wedge. It’s a tropical, fruity version of the classic Corona with lime.  

3. Beeritas

Margaritas and beer literally go together when TikTok user Geordian Abel (@adoremorewithgeor) throws a party. Her quick and easy recipe for beeritas involves two frozen limeades in a pitcher mixed with tequila, triple sec and two beers. Serve over ice with ample limes, and you’re in Beeritaville!

4. Beer brunch cocktails with tequila

Move over mimosas! Beer is becoming the new brunch drink. TikToker user Courtney Shae’s (courtneyshae__) brunch cocktail takes a beer up a notch with tequila, orange juice, a drizzle of cherry syrup and, of course, a lime wedge. The result is a beer cocktail that looks like a lava lamp and packs a fruity punch!

5. Grape beer cocktail

Since the world’s first bacchanal, grapes and beer have found themselves partying on many occasions. And TikTok user Jeff’s (@jeffsdailydrink) recipe, which includes mashed grapes, ice cubes, lemon-lime soda and beer, garnished with a hint of mint and a slice of lime, is a refreshing beverage to serve at any festive occasion.

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