Here’s an honest review of TikTok’s favorite Coco & Eve face tanning mist, according to someone with sensitive skin

I am a self-proclaimed self-tanning queen. I’ve tried a lot of self-tanning products, from foams and mists to wipes and lotions. Of course, I’ve tried self-tanning drops like the ones Alix Earle uses in her GRWM videos, too. However, when I saw first saw Coco & Eve’s Sunny Honey Bali Bronzing Foam go viral on TikTok, followed by the brand’s Antioxidant Face Tanning Micromist, I knew I had to try them both.

First of all, the bronzing foam is great. It dries and develops fast and gives you a great color — and most people on TikTok will agree. But it’s Coco & Eve’s face mist that really impressed me. I have sensitive skin, and almost anything new can make me break out. That’s probably why when I’ve tried mixing my go-to moisturizer with a few different brands of tanning drops in the past, they’ve irritated my skin and made me break out — but not Coco & Eve’s mist.

Antioxidant Face Tanning Mist, $29.90

Credit: Coco & Eve

The Antioxidant Face Tanning Mist gives me a great glow in six hours, and my skin actually looks healthier. It’s probably because it contains HyalurosmoothTM, a plant-based alternative to hyaluronic acid that is said to boost hydration by 40% in 30 minutes. It also contains antioxidants to firm skin and help boost collagen production, according to the product description. After using this spray, my skin felt smooth, my skin looked more even and less tired, and I actually decided I could forgo my foundation makeup for a bit.

“Works for acne prone skin!” wrote another customer on its website. “I have struggled for years battling acne and everything seemed to break me out. Until I tried this as my last resort and it’s a game changer!! It doesn’t break me out and keeps my face nice and tan at the rest of my body fades!!”

For best results, Coco & Eve suggests spraying its Antioxidant Face Tanning Mist onto clean, dry skin before applying any other skin care products. I often have dry patches that pop up around my nose or cheeks, so I actually sprayed mine on last in my routine after using toner, serum and moisturizer. I didn’t want my dry skin to over-absorb the mist and leave me with dark spots, and by using it after all of my other products, I still think I had great results. I also used a kabuki brush to make sure the mist was completely blended in after spraying it on, although the brand says that isn’t necessary.

The spray is gentle enough to use every day on your face, neck and chest, although I probably use it every two to three days for a consistent glow. All of Coco & Eve’s tanning products are paraben-free, cruelty-free, silicone-free, toxin-free, gluten-free and use 100% natural DHA. Also, it doesn’t smell bad. In fact, the mist actually smells pretty fresh. I wear it all day long and don’t notice that funky smell a lot of other self-tanners have.

You could also use this mist with the Sunny Honey Bali Bronzing Foam, although the foam develops in two hours, and the spray takes about six. So, I’d apply the foam to your body first, rinse off when you’re ready, then apply the spray and go about your day.

Some self-tanners are a lot of work, from applying it to exfoliating it off. But there’s no upkeep with the Coco & Eve Antioxidant Face Tanning Mist. Just spray it on, go and glow.

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