Who is @codgod76 on TikTok and why are people looking for them?

TikTokers are trying to find @codgod76 — an elusive gamer who doesn’t actually exist.

A YouTube prank has people trying to hunt down a so-called Call of Duty: Modern Warfare “TikTok phenom.” But there’s really a popular streamer behind it all. 

Why people are looking for @codgod76 on TikTok

The YouTuber WILDCAT is a very popular gamer and streamer. His channel has 7.87 million subscribers. This all got started when WILDCAT played a game of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and changed his username to “codgod76.” 

WILDCAT is an exceptional player, so he’s known to impress other gamers. During the round of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, he told other players to follow him on TikTok and referred to himself as a “TikTok phenom.” This caused the players to go seek out the username @codgod76.

Except, WILDCAT doesn’t actually have a TikTok account called @codgod76. It belongs to a totally random, unrelated person who now has 19,000 followers (with no videos posted) because of WILDCAT’s prank. 

But some people are in the joke

WILDCAT, in typical YouTuber fashion, of course, streamed his @codgod76 pranks to his subscribers. In one video, he showed himself playing under the pseudonym and using a voice changer to sound like a middle-aged man with an aggressive persona. 

“The voice is perfect, lol,” someone commented.

“Codgod76 is probably so confused about all the followers he’s getting,” another said

“Can’t wait for WILDCAT to collab with the famous TikToker codgod76,” a person joked.

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