Coffee cocktails are taking over TikTok

Have you heard the news? Coffee cocktails are making a comeback! Irish coffee is a cocktail mix of coffee and whiskey, topped with cream. The beverage has been around for centuries, but baristas and bartenders all over TikTok have combined their skills and taken coffee cocktails to the next level. From classics with a caffeinated twist to new cold brew concoctions, here are five coffee cocktails that are a caffeine lover’s dream.  

1. Cold brew and bourbon cocktail


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TikToker and chef Josh Penaflor’s (@joshpenaflor) cold brew cocktail is a creamy confection that looks so smooth and refreshing you can almost taste it through the screen. In a separate pitcher, Penaflor mixes ice, bourbon and his homemade cold brew. Then he fills the salted caramel and graham cracker-rimmed cocktail glass with ice before pouring in the bourbon blend and topping it off with foam. For a flavorful finish, Penaflor dusts on some cinnamon and kosher salt.

2. Coffee dessert cocktail

TikTok account cocktails (@cocktails) specializes in blends that are out of the box. So it makes sense that they developed a coffee cocktail recipe that resembles a chocolate milkshake. This dessert cocktail is a simple mix of vodka, Kahlua, chocolate liquor and coffee. It’s served in a glass rimmed with chocolate syrup and coconut flakes, and topped off with whipped cream and another drizzle of chocolate syrup.

3. Espresso martini


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TikToker and chef Eugene Wong’s (@the_eugefood) recipe for espresso martinis is a blend that packs a punch. He mixes espresso, vodka and Kahlua with ice in a shaker and then pours the cold alcoholic coffee into chilled martini glasses. Garnish with a fresh coffee bean, and cheers!

4. Coffee mojito

TikTok account Make Life Better (@lifebar) frequently features cocktails that look as if they’re from the future, and their coffee mojito is a new fusion of old classics. Add soda water and crushed ice after pressing mint leaves, lime juice and syrup in a tall glass. To up the ante on this cocktail’s aesthetic, place thin slices of fresh lime around the inside of the glass. Pour in the coffee, and don’t forget a mint and bean garnish!

5. Iced grasshopper espresso

This iced grasshopper espresso from TikToker and cocktail connoisseur Julianna McIntosh (@join_jules) is perfect for an evening of leisure. McIntosh’s recipe involves mixing crème de cacao, crème de menthe, heavy cream and espresso in a shaker and then straining the mix over ice. She tops it off with a mint leaf after adding a shot or two of espresso. The finished product is a pretty pastel ombre blend.

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