Try these three easy kitchen hacks using a coffee grinder

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Unless you’re a serious coffee lover, you may not see the point of investing in a coffee grinder

But not only does grinding fresh beans make for a more robust coffee and pack your cup with extra antioxidants, but that old coffee grinder actually has a few other cool uses. Even if you don’t like java, chances are you like breadcrumbs, powdered sugar and sprinkles. With a coffee grinder, you can make all of them at home.

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Here are three unconventional but useful coffee grinder hacks


Instead of tossing out stale bread, throw it in the coffee grinder and blend. After a few seconds, you’ll have finely milled breadcrumbs that are perfect for frying. Plus, it will stop you from wasting food

Powdered Sugar

The next time you need powdered sugar for a recipe, you don’t have to hit the grocery store. A coffee grinder can quickly transform granulated sugar into powdered sugar. Just blend in granulated sugar in a coffee grinder. Don’t keep those homemade brownies and donuts waiting. 


Everybody loves sprinkles — and now you can make them out of leftover Skittles in just a few steps. First, place some Skittles in the coffee grinder and blast them. Once ground, mix in a few drops of food coloring. Spread the sprinkles onto a sheet pan and bake at 200 degrees Fahrenheit.

Wait one hour to cool, and you’ve got candy-flavored sprinkles perfect for ice cream, cupcakes and cookies. 

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