TikToker calls out coffee chain over $1 upcharge for ‘no-ice’ drinks

A coffee chain customer has sparked a major debate after being charged $1 extra for a drink without ice.

On April 4, a TikTok user named Tiff @breakfastat_tiffanys__ posted a video from the drive-thru of an unnamed coffee chain. In the clip, she zooms in on the menu to reveal that the chain charges an extra dollar for “no-ice” drinks.

“Saw this yesterday,” she wrote in the video’s caption. “Am I being punked?”

The clip sent thousands of TikTokers to Tiff’s comments section, where some argued in favor of the extra charge. Others called it a “scam.”

On TikTok, passions often run high over the cost of coffee.

In recent months, a debate has played out between baristas at Starbucks and their customers. Many videos feature baristas calling out customers over difficult-to-make drink orders — including a drink that was too big for the blender and a $5 order that was “basically just milk.”

From Tiff’s video, it’s not clear whether or not she actually ordered a drink without ice. All the same, she seemed surprised by the charges, and many commenters agreed with her.

“This is called ripping people off plain and simple,” one user wrote.

“They literally put 90 percent ice [in there normally],” another added. “I hate gravity!”

“Yet they are not allowed to discount it if they add ice lol,” another complained.

Others pushed back. Several users pointed out that drinks without ice contain more coffee, which they said justified the company’s decision to charge more.

“Makes sense because you’re getting more product,” one user wrote.

“It’s because you’re getting more product,” another agreed. “So. Yeah. $1 seems pretty understandable.”

Tiff, for her part, wrote that she wasn’t trying to spark a debate, and that more than anything else, she was just tossing out a flippant comment.

“Everyone is missing the point,” she added. “It was general noticing of the menu. I don’t see that at a lot of places so it took me off guard.”

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