Is ‘Coke pie’ the grossest recipe on TikTok? Probably, yes

Can you make a pie using a can of Coke? I think the real question is, should you make a pie using a can of Coke?

TikTok is obsessed with this recipe — and I say “recipe” loosely, with many sets of quotation marks — where you just pour a can of soda into a pre-made pie crust and bake it.

It’s not like water pie, which was a legitimate recipe during the depression when certain foods were scarce. In fact, I have no idea who saw a can of soda and was like, “mmm, this should be hot and more solid.”

What are the ingredients in Coke pie?

  1. Coke (duh)

2. Pre-made pie crust

3. 1 cup of sugar

4. Shredded butter (amount up to your discretion)

5. 2 cups of flour

6. Optional: Cinnamon. I think this sounds so disgusting, so I did not add that because even I have standards when it comes to made-up soda-based pies.

How do you make Coke pie?

Preheat the oven to 400 degrees. TikTok was kind of vague with this temperature, so I pulled the number from a DIY blog on how to make Sprite pie.

Mix all the ingredients directly into the pre-made pie crust, and cover the edges with foil before putting it in the oven. Again, TikTok was very vague about how long this should be baked, so I guessed 35 minutes.

Is Coke pie good?

With a confident and resounding no, I can assure everyone reading this that Coke pie is disgusting. No matter how long you bake it, the only word you can use to describe it is: Wet. And not in a moist way. Literally, its final texture is limp and soggy.

Would I ever make this again? Absolutely not. Would I ever recommend someone do this just to see for themselves if it’s actually that bad? No, and it’s weird you don’t believe me.

Pie recipes should stick to what they know best: Hot fruit.

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