College athlete sues Disney World over injury

A college athlete is suing Disney World over injuries he alleges he sustained at the park in 2018.

David Maynard filed a lawsuit claiming that a minor accident caused by a fellow park visitor resulted in him missing a full season of college basketball. It is not clear which college Maynard plays for.

According to the lawsuit, a guest on a motorized scooter ran into Maynard from behind somewhere in Hollywood Studios. The accident apparently severed 99 percent of his left Achilles tendon, which resulted in Maynard undergoing surgery and months of physical rehabilitation.

Maynard claims that it’s the park’s responsibility because scooters are allowed to operate within crowds of pedestrians instead of having their own designated lanes. He also alleged that Disney World does not train the guests on how to use the scooters safely.

Disney hasn’t commented much on the lawsuit, but did describe the pending litigation to the Orlando Sentinel as “a matter… between two guests.”

The Sentinel also reports that this is the fourth scooter-related lawsuit filed against Disney World. Scooters are protected under the same regulations as wheelchairs and cannot be banned nor can Disney limit who gets to ride them.

Maynard is seeking $30,000 in damages.

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