College student admits to getting away with classic test-skipping prank

A college student is stirring controversy with their elaborate test-skipping scheme.

The plan comes courtesy of a Reddit user named jcrter33. As they explained in their post, the idea came when they vastly understudied for their midterm exam.

Their plan? Tell the entire class the test was cancelled.

“I arrived at class early and posted a note that read, Class Cancelled: meeting in progress,” the user admitted.

Surprisingly, the idea worked, but not without causing some backlash from the class — and from Reddit commenters.

‘He threatened to expose me’

The plan, according to the Redditor worked perfectly. After their professor entered the classroom, they posted their fake note. Then, after several students read the sign and left, they came into class.

“I waited until right at class time and burst through the door like I didn’t see it. My professor and I waited with one other student who apparently didn’t see the sign,” the user wrote.

With almost no one in class, the professor postponed the test. The Redditor, meanwhile, sold their fake disappointment.

“Of course, I moaned and said, ‘I have to study again!?!?'” they wrote.

Not everyone was so pleased with the result, though. The user explained that their friend found out about the scheme and confronted them.

“He had studied his butt off only to turn around and do it again,” they wrote. “This friend actually threatened to expose me if I didn’t quit goofing off and apply myself.”

‘This was a low point’

That confrontation, and the passing of time, seemed to change the Redditor’s mind. They wrote that, despite getting away with the same prank a few times, they now feel bad about it.

“This was a low point in college not a highlight. It is much better to be prepared and make the grade,” they wrote. “I did something that was 100 percent a selfish d*** move. I can laugh at it now, but read the comments. This can really mess with others.”

Of course, it’s never right to hurt other’s grades because you weren’t prepared — and many Redditors echoed that belief. Meanwhile, the user who shared their story replied in the comments with more of their regrets.

“Do I feel bad? Yeah! Sure do. That’s why it is a confession. Am I also surprised that I got away with it? Yes. Am I glad no one suffered and the class as a whole did better??? You betcha,” they wrote.

Other users, however, accused the Redditor of making up their story. Many argued it’d be hard to get away with a scheme like this, while others said it may be easier than it seems.

“I had something kind of similar, in my quantum chemistry class back in college,” one user wrote.

“I can see literally the whole class not showing up being a reason enough to re-schedule, but that would depend greatly on the teacher,” another added.

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