College student confounded by roommate’s ‘weird’ life decision: ‘I am speechless’

A college student’s roommate put her in an unusual living situation. 

The student’s roommate broke her foot the summer before school started. The roommate was given a medical boot to wear by the doctor. The only trouble was, the loud, clunky boot was annoying. The student went on Reddit’s “Am I the A******” forum to share the full story. 

“At the start of my junior year, in August 2019, my roommate tells me she broke her foot over the summer,” the user wrote. “So, she’ll be coming to school in one of those plastic/Velcro foot boot things. […] School year starts and progresses. The boot is pretty annoying and my roommate keeps weird hours, so there is stomping and Velcro ripping at all hours of the night. Her boot frequently wakes me up but I’m putting up with it because it is a medical issue.” 

So the student asked her roommate when the boot was coming off. 

“She informs me that the boot, which has been waking me up since August, was meant to come off before school even started but she missed the appointment and didn’t bother to find a doctor in our city. Her plan, apparently, was to wait until Thanksgiving when she would go home to have her follow up appointment, several months late,” the student explained.

The student then encouraged the roommate to go see a doctor. 

“Lo and behold, she goes to the doctor who confirms the boot needed to come off in August and she may actually need physical therapy for keeping it on so long. My friends agreed with me pushing her to get a medical opinion, albeit for my selfish reasons while my family said that I was an a** for interfering in something that did not concern me,” the user wrote.

Reddit users found the roommate’s behavior to be odd. 

“I am speechless. This is the first time I hear about someone willingly not wanting to take their cast off,” one user wrote

“That’s just weird,” another said

“What the actual heck,” someone commented

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