College student documents her trip to meet Timothée Chalamet: ‘never give up your dreams (or stalking)’

A New York City college student’s dream recently came true: She met her celebrity crush, Timothée Chalamet.

Originally from Seattle, Wash., Emi (@emimimiii) recently documented her journey to meet the Bones and All actor while he was filming in SoHo. In an effort to maximize her opportunity to meet him, Emi travels to Chalamet’s alleged filming location as soon as her class lets out.


Meeting Timmy Vlog!! Never give up on your dreams (or stalking) HE IS GORGEOUS, SHY, NICE, TALL, AMAZING, AND I QUOTE “wassup how are you?” #timotheechalamet #nyc #timotheechalametstan #boyfriend #timothee #vlog #beautifulboy #dune #littlewomen #ladybird

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“Basically, I found out where Timothée Chalamet is today and he’s filming,” Emi starts off. “He just flew back from Coachella to New York. I just got out of school, and I’m going all the way to the F train to go to SoHo. He’s apparently filming at this hotel…I’ve literally been shaking all of class.”

Chalamet is currently filming a big-budget commercial for Chanel with acclaimed director Martin Scorsese.

To prepare for the potentially monumental moment, Emi drank “a whole cup of coffee” and ran back to her dorm to spray “a s*** ton of perfume” on herself. Also embarking on the trip to SoHo is her Timothée Chalamet Dune action figure.

“I also packed this for good luck,” she says of the figurine. “I’ve been carrying this around for two years and today might be the day. Fingers crossed.”

Emi arrives at the filming location. She knows what she’s looking for: A black Escalade with a New Jersey license plate.

“Holy f***! I f****** found it,” she exclaims. “That’s his trailer. Everyone’s waiting for him. None of these people have his action doll like me.”

“Our heads touched…”

In a follow-up clip, Emi is presumably back in her dorm room.

“Today was the day,” she declares. “I forgot about the TikTok because I blacked out. I was — Our heads touched, and I quote, ‘Wassup? How you doing?'”

“I’m never recovering,” she adds.

“the way i would’ve FLOWN out of class”

Fellow Chalamet fans are sharing their reactions in the comments.

“how’s it feel to live my dream,” one user wrote.

“When will this happen to me,” another asked.

“the way i would’ve FLOWN out of class,” someone joked.

Emi’s words of wisdom for other fan girls out there?

“Never give up on your dreams (or stalking),” she jokes.

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