College student faces backlash over ‘entitled’ reaction to bad grade: ‘She needs to grow up’

Social media is roasting a college student for being a brat. 

After a confusing debacle with her cousin, a 21-year-old took to Reddit’s “Am I the A******” forum. The young woman wanted to know if she was a jerk for refusing to allow her cousin to use her potted plants

“I grow everything from vegetables to flowers. It is a hobby that I really work hard for. Taking care of plants is not easy, or cheap, but I love doing it,” she explained

One day at 7 a.m. her 24-year-old cousin showed up at her house asking for “root samples” from her garden. 

“Her idea was to uproot my plants, chop a tiny piece of root and then plant them again. She also just showed up at my house with a shovel and a knife,” she wrote. “I got very hurt that she thinks she can just uproot my plants like that and told her that I dont want her to do that to my plants.” 

The gardener said removing plants that are in mud pots could significantly damage them. 

“Because I didn’t allow her to use my plants as samples for her project, she told me I irritated her and went back to her house,” she said

The cousin submitted her assignment without the samples and got a bad grade. Then she took things to another level. 

“She got mad at me, very mad and involved our mothers,” she went on. “She is blaming me for her bad grade. Her explanation is that because I didn’t let her use my plant’s roots her assignment was incomplete and that was the reason her grade is bad.” 

Now the cousin isn’t speaking to the gardener. But luckily Reddit was here for some moral support. 

“Unless you are from a planet where the only existing plants are your plants, she had other options,” one user commented. “If she was too lazy to go after those and so entitled to assume she could just violate your plans to do it, that’s on her.”

“Wow, from the title I expected her to be like 10… maybe a teenager at the very oldest,” another person said. “But to find out she is 24 and decided to show up to your house to dig up your plants because she couldn’t be bothered to plan out this project properly… That’s irresponsible and doesn’t require you to help her at all. She needs to grow up.” 

“Why wouldn’t she speak to you about this long before the day it was due? It was her own poor planning that made her get a bad grade,” someone wrote

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