College student finds out she got into medical school and proves she has the most supportive girlfriends: ‘GIRLS. SUPPORTING. GIRLS!’

Ready for your daily dose of wholesome? One college student and her girl gang have us crying happy tears.

Alessia (@al3ssia), a pre-med student at Northwestern University, recently shared a joyous moment between her and her friends. The TikTok video, which has more than 3.8 million views and 866,000 likes, shows Alessia’s group of girlfriends waiting to see and surprise her after finding out she got into medical school. Alessia, on the other hand, has no idea her friends already know.

“Me running through the halls looking for my friends to tell them I got into medical school,” reads the text on the video.


My searching for my friends to tell them I got into medical school when they already knew and were waiting to surprise me. The best day of my life!!! #medicalschool #medschooladmissions #wholesome #futuremedstudent #premed #premedstudytips

♬ original sound – al3ssia

As Alessia’s friends wait quietly in her room, Alessia calls one of them.

“I’m doing work in your room. Come up,” says her friend.

Moments later, Alessia enters, and she’s swarmed by her girls, who are eager to congratulate her. She falls to the ground in happiness.

“Oh my god! Oh my god!” they scream while hugging her.

“GIRLS. SUPPORTING. GIRLS! love this. huge congratulations!!!”

The sweet, supportive moment has commenters feeling incredible amounts of joy. In addition to congratulating her, many praised Alessia for having such an “amazing sisterhood.”

“Oh girly this made me so happy, congratulations!!! how beautiful to have a support system like this before med school too,” wrote @safasogood.

“Getting into med school is the best feeling in the world. Plus this support?! Girl congrats!!” said @dangernoodle42069.

“This reminded me of when Elle Woods got into Harvard,” said @high.waters, referencing the 2001 romantic comedy Legally Blonde.

“[W]hy am i crying, said @mariellajacey.

“GIRLS. SUPPORTING. GIRLS! love this. huge congratulations,” wrote @andreseyaa.

As Alessia and her girlfriends remind us, there’s nothing quite as inspiring as a group of girls that uplift one another.

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