College student quits job over ‘stupid’ scheduling conflict: ‘It’s not your responsibility’

A college student abruptly quit her job when her employer needed her. 

She took to Reddit’s “Am I the A******” forum to find out if she was justified. The student grew increasingly frustrated when her employer refused to accommodate her exam schedule with three months’ advance notice. 

“I had made it very clear at the beginning before I was hired before I did any training and even mentioned it during the interview that I put my school first,” she wrote. “I do my work and then some. But that does mean that if I have an exam I will need a half-day the day before and a day off during the exam. I made it aware to all the supervisors, assistant managers and the manager. They told me that was perfectly fine I would just need to show my schedule to work around it.”

She provided three months’ advance notice and they told her it was OK, only that she needed to remind them closer to the date. 

“I asked them to make a note of it though so they also see it themselves that I on this day, asked them for this schedule,” she explained. “I also recorded the conversation and made a note myself so they don’t try to pull s***. Cue panic attack. I got the schedule and I am on there every. single. day. Now, for part-time I am pretty sure you can’t do that. I let them know the day I got it and they said they would change it tomorrow. I checked the next day and I am still on there.”

The managers insisted she never told them. But she had the recording on hand. 

“They told me if I don’t show up I am fired,” she said. “So I showed up but told them I needed to be home this time, they kept me over my 8 hours and I barely made it home to take the exam. They called me the next day to go over my performance and told me I should be here. I told them that I quit and walk out the door.[…] I knew they needed employees and it takes three months to allow them to put someone new out on the sales floor.”

Reddit users believed the student made the correct move.

“If the employer broke their promises or just messed up, it’s not your responsibility to fix that,” one person wrote.

“Keeping you on and hoping they could guilt trip you into working and missing exams so both very underhand and also stupid,” another said

“They knew and they did not care,” someone added.

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