College student shows just how petty her roommates are after she tells them she’s subleasing her room: ‘Sublease it out to the worst person you can find’

As anyone who’s ever had a roommate knows, it isn’t always the easiest situation. One TikTok user, however, seems to have it particularly bad.

Twenty-one-year-old creator Haley Hamlett (@haleyhamlett), a college student based in North Carolina, shared a video that those of us who’ve had petty roommates can relate to. After telling them she plans on subleasing her room, Haley’s roommates reacted in a shocking manner.

“Y’all, I just came home and my roommates and I like do not like each other. Like it’s a known fact,” she said in the video. “Today I told them I was subleasing my room, and they wrote their names on these sticky notes and said it’s only for them to touch.”

“I just can’t get over how we’re 21, right? We are 21 and this is what we’re doing in her house.”

Haley panned through the kitchen, revealing strategically placed sticky notes with what appeared to be “Alice + Caroline only” written on them.

“I wish that I was affected by this the way that they want me to be but I’m not, because funny thing is…all the plates are mine, so what are they gonna eat off of? Who knows,” she said. “I just can’t get over how we’re 21, right? We are 21, and this is what we’re doing in her house.”

“I love it,” Haley added.

Haley then posted a follow-up video addressing a text exchange with one of her roommates.


Replying to @tiredjesss text message tea is spilled

♬ original sound – Haley Hamlett

“Oh, and for the text message that everyone’s been like dying to read… I would post it, but every other like line is a bad word calling me something,” she said. “But she’s talking about how I’m alone in life and have no friends… She said she’s tired of me slamming stuff throughout the house, which, like, yet I don’t do… She told me that I was ruining her and her fiancé’s relationship because I was subleasing my room.”

Haley said she’s subleasing her room to a guy, which her roommates took issue with.

At the end of the video, Haley said she wishes nothing but the best for her roommates but asserts that she is not a liar.

“I do not lie,” she said. “There’s no point in it because the truth will come out, and so I just really…don’t appreciate all the lies that they’re coming up with because it’s just not true.”

“College roommates bring out a whole new level of immaturity I swear”

Haley’s initial video, which has nearly over 3.9 million views, had commenters flabbergasted about the immaturity of her roommates.

“Mine put all kitchen things in her room but 90% of the things were mine so I had to tell her to give it back…” one user said.

“College roommates bring out a whole new level of immaturity I swear,” another said.

“Sublease it out to the worst person you can find,” someone suggested.

Clashing with roommates in college isn’t atypical, but in Haley’s case, things seem to be especially tense. Shared living can be difficult, and we hope Haley’s situation improves sooner than later.

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