College student slams classmate over ‘irresponsible’ in-class behavior: ‘Let your professor know’

A first-generation college student is fed up with a group project member who won’t do any work.

She turned to Reddit’s “Am I the A******” for advice. She is in a group project with three other classmates, but only one person didn’t turn in their work on time. Now, she is wondering if she should tell the teacher so that she can be graded individually. 

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“I’m a first-generation college student and genuinely care about getting good marks,” the Reddit poster explained. “I made a group chat with my group members and assigned them roles because I figured it would be easier to set it apart and get it done. I was fine with taking the bulk of the project as long as I got some help on the other aspects. Two of my group mates really stepped up and went above and beyond on their portions but the last member hasn’t touched it. One group member pointed out that she’s never in lecture so I reached out […] She thanked me for the concern but just explained that where she lives (class is all online) restrictions have lifted so she’s been enjoying her time out at clubs, bars, restaurants and will try to get to the project this week.”

But the negligent student never turned in her portion of the work. 

“I messaged her this morning about it and she snapped at me telling her to get off her back and that she’ll get it done by tomorrow instead,” she wrote. “I’m not entirely trusting of her that she’ll get it done and even so, that leaves one day to review the proposal and get it fine-tuned and finish up the conclusion. Would I be the a****** for sending an email to my professor and having her failed for this portion?”

Reddit users thought the professor should know about the situation.

“She’s being irresponsible and these are the natural consequences to her actions,” one person wrote.

“She’s not doing her share. Let the professor know,” someone commented.

“Her getting drunk and partying is putting more load on you and your teammates,” another said.

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