College student slams classmate over ‘lazy’ group project behavior: ‘I don’t understand’

A second-year college student turned in a group project without their partner’s name. 

The student went on Reddit’s “Am I the A******” forum to share what happened. It turns out the user’s partner kept flaking and was basically unreachable for the duration of the project. 

“Everything was fine for a while but then the deadline approached and I hadn’t heard anything from my partner,” the user wrote. “I decided to wait a little bit to contact her and a week before we had to completely turn it in I decided to email her.” 

The partner was unresponsive for days but eventually, they set a day to have a Zoom call, which also failed. 

“I set up for the Zoom call and she sends an invitation,” the user explained. “My camera is on and I greet her with a simple hi and I don’t really get a response. Her background noise is pretty loud and I can tell that she has people over. […] She then asks if we can just do this over text because her zoom was messing [up]. I agree and just send her my number through text. Hours later she texts me. We split the project and I then send her a shared slide. I finish all of my work that night and our project is due in two days. I tell her I’m done and ask who should send it in later. I am met with silence.”

The user couldn’t get in contact with her for days. So they turned to their professor. 

“I told my professor that I am making a separate document and I would finish it all on my own,” the user said. “The professor gave me the go-ahead the next day. I still wait for her so I don’t screw her over. Thirty minutes before it’s due she texts me saying that she was busy because of work and would finish her part at 10. I then explain the same thing I did to the professor and told her I had to turn it in without her.” 

Reddit users felt the student made the best out of a bad situation. 

“It’s her grade as well so she should’ve been ready to work. I always do an entire project just in case my partner decides to be lazy,” one person commented

“You gave ample time and heads up. I don’t understand why colleges still do partner/ group projects, especially with lockdown rules,” another wrote.

“You gave her many, many chances,” someone said

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