College students on TikTok share video of secret ‘cave’ hidden in their apartment

A group of college students is going viral after showing off their bizarre living situation.

The video, which shows an apartment with several strange, cave-like structures, comes courtesy of a user named @xx_watdoginator_xx. It’s just the latest clip in a recent trend in which TikTok users have shared their home’s most spooky and bizarre features.

For example, TikTokers have shared backyards with allegedly “moving” furniture, apartments with “nauseating” entranceways and college living spaces with “unsettling” inward-facing balconies.

The apartment in @xx_watdoginator_xx’s clip, meanwhile, has more than a few strange features.

In his clip, @xx_watdoginator_xx gives a full tour inside his living space. First, he shows off a hidden “cave” behind what at first looks like a totally normal closet door.

Then he shows “the garden,” which is another open, multistory unfinished area. The video seems to show dead tree branches dangling from the roof. There’s also a “cave shower” with concrete walls and a “skylight” opening to some other part of the building.

TikTok users were astounded by the video.

“Why did you decide to rent this?” one user asked.

“This is by far the most cursed [home] I’ve seen,” another added.

“I need to know how much you’re paying for this,” another wrote.

It’s unclear where the house is located exactly, but @xx_watdoginator_xx appears to be a user based in the U.K. At least that’s good news for any American college student looking for their next apartment.

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