How to take the TikTok color personality test

A color-coded personality test is taking over TikTok and everyone is sharing their results. 

The quiz is from and it’s available in multiple languages including English, Spanish and Korean. The results assign test-takers a color, personality assessment and information on which colors they’ll get along with. 

What is the ‘Personal Color Test’ on TikTok? 


#greenscreen IM IN LOVE. Also it is the same color as my eyes like what??? #personalcoloranalysis #aesthetic

♬ original sound – brooke

The color personality test asks each taker a dozen questions like “How do you behave in front of your friends?” and “What kind of atmosphere do you like when you play with your friends?”

Not only does it provide you with a color that defines your personality, but it also gives you a profile.

When Jenna Marie took the quiz, for instance, her result was the color “ocean bay,” which she was super excited about since it matched her eyes.

“I’m introverted but my personality changes depending on the situation. I don’t know myself well, I don’t like to take the lead! But the attention is good!” Marie’s profile said.

How to take the ‘Personal Color Test’

Taking the color personality test is easy. Just head over to and select the quiz in your preferred language. Answer the 12 questions, screenshot your results, then post them on TikTok

Most TikTok users are happy with their results. 

One user named Katie shared that her personality color was “Alice blue,” described as “cold on the outside, but … very warm inside.” She said it was her “favorite color of all time” and posted pictures featuring the powdery vintage blue.


#greenscreen my friends are so sexy @iceicebaybay @abbybaram @attntionluvr #colorpersonalitytest #fyp

♬ backyard boy slowed and sad remix – LLusion

Some people had their friends do the test — like @bella.the.rat — and shared how cool the results made them feel.


If you are Cactus or Vanilla Ice HML expeditiously📲🤨 #personalcoloranalysis

♬ original sound – brooke

Not everyone was satisfied, however. The user @generationrat didn’t look too pleased that her color was “sprout,” which is profiled as a “lazy perfectionist stuck in a house and unable to refuse.”

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