Comedian recreates corny dance scenes from all your favorite movies

You may have seen actress and comedian Bria Janay on Instagram. Janay recreates iconic dance scenes from her favorite media. Anyone who can pull off a successful Beyoncé impersonation is a rare breed. But Janay has also managed to reimagine moments from “Honey,” “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air,” and even “Good Burger.” 

The hilarious Los Angeleno usually records herself and the original clip as a split-screen. Janay dresses as key characters from the scene and impersonates their dance moves which, when broken down, are much cornier than people realize. Like Julia Stiles’ big moment in “Save the Last Dance.”

Janay spoke with In The Know about how she got started with her dance recreations. 

“I was inspired to make my dance remakes when I was watching ‘You Got Served’ during quarantine,” Janay said. “I started thinking about how when I was younger I wanted to be a part of their dance team so bad and thought it would be funny to recreate the scene.”

Like with many creatives, Janay didn’t know if anyone would find her content entertaining. But when the response was positive she started making more. After all, as a comedian, she couldn’t perform in front of audiences anymore so Janay made this her creative outlet. 

“I select my clips based upon nostalgic effect — scenes I know everyone once knew and loved,” she said, “and maybe in our adult years realized the dancing wasn’t as good as we thought it was.”

Janay is happy to take requests on Twitter and Instagram at jadorejanayy. Ultimately, there is a larger goal with the ongoing project. 

“I want people to feel happy when they see them,” Janay told In The Know. “Whether it be from having the same feelings of loving that same dance routine at some point in their life, or just laughing because I used one of my dogs in place of a person in my remake. I’ve noticed everyone has something different that draws them in which is so amazing.”

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