Common bathroom item can get rid of unwanted lint and pilling in no time

It’s such a common annoyance to have bought a crisp new throw pillow or shirt and then watch it pill over time. Those fuzzy sheddings can make a perfectly good fabric look weathered and dull. While de-pilling tools, like fabric shavers, exist in stores, this helpful hack only requires one item most people already have lying around the house: a disposable razor. 

A social media user shared footage of how she removed the unwanted lint balls from a white throw pillow. She took a razor and dragged it across the frayed pillow, first horizontally, then vertically. When she was done the pilling was completely gone, the white was brighter, the fabric looked crisp and the pillow looked brand new.

Using a razor for this purpose does require a bit of technique. You wouldn’t want to cause any snags or holes in the material. According to Lifehacker, it takes just a few steps to prep your item. 

First, spread the fabric across a hard, flat surface. Then pull it taut as you shave. The areas around the seams, buttons and stitching can be particularly delicate so be mindful when taking the blade to those parts.

If a razor seems too abrasive, other household tools can be used for this hack

“You can find something that will remove the pills more gently, such as a fine-tooth comb, pumice stone or even a fruit zester,” according to

The best measure is always prevention, however. The Spruce suggests turning garments inside out when washing, skipping harsh cleaners, using a fabric softener or hand-washing items instead. 

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