3 common makeup mistakes that could be making your skin worse, according to a dermatologist

Dr. Dylan Greeney is a dermatologist who uses his popular Instagram, @swolemd, to provide skincare advice to the masses. 

Dr. Greeney let In The Know in on three common makeup mistakes that people make that could be making their skin worse and are easily avoidable. Cosmetics can sometimes sit on your face all day, so you definitely want to be making smart choices when it comes to selecting and caring for products.

Mistake 1: Storing makeup in the bathroom

While it seems like conventional wisdom to keep your bathroom stocked with your makeup, it’s actually a breeding ground for bacteria. 

“If you think about our bathrooms, they’re kind of hot, humid environments,” Dr. Greeney explained. “This is totally a great place for bacteria to grow.” 

He added that nearly 20 percent of all cosmetic products will eventually get dropped on the floor and “bacteria loads in our bathroom are much higher than other areas of the house.” 

Mistake 2: Sharing makeup

Sharing makeup can lead to cross-contamination of things like cold sores and a general increase in bacteria. 

“This is because each of our skin has a microbiome, which is all the bacteria that grow on our skin,” Dr. Greeney said. “Every single person is unique. It’s almost like a fingerprint. When you share makeup between people, you actually cross-contaminate and increase the bacteria load in our makeup.” 

Mistake 3: Not reading the product label

If you’re not studying product labels closely, you could be making your skin suffer needlessly. 

“Things you want to look for usually are oil-free, non-comedogenic — this means it won’t block pores or cause acne. You just want to use good, high-quality ingredients,” he said. 

It’s important to identify any of your personal sensitivity to certain ingredients and avoid them at all costs to avoid irritation. 

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