Company offers reward to anyone who loves true crime podcasts — but there’s a catch

Just in time for Halloween, those with rather macabre taste in podcasts can potentially get paid for their hours of dedicated listening.

Vio Security, a home security company, announced that it’s looking for a mystery aficionado to listen to 31 hours of crime podcasts for the chance to win $1,666.

Applicants must state their case in a short essay to be considered to really prove that they’re on the case. Once selected, participants will receive a heart rate monitor to hook themselves up to “record physiological responses as they jump from pod to pod.”

The goal of the project is to help the Vio Security research team understand how true crime podcasts affect people.

After listening to each episode, participants must answer the following series of questions: What elements of each story did you like the most? Were your sleep habits affected? Do you believe anyone was falsely accused?

The list of pre-approved podcasts is listed on the application page and includes super popular ones like “Crime Junkies,” “My Favorite Murder” and “Serial”.

After 31 hours of listening, participants will receive their $1,666 plus a “True Crime Kit,” which features a door block, flashlight, whistle, wireless earbuds and access to a “personal safety app,” all provided by Vio Security.

“We know that 31 hours of True Crime might leave you feeling a biiiit paranoid. To ward off the post-podcast scaries, we’re giving the winner a True Crime Kit to help secure their home and keep the pods playing,” the website adds.

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