Company shares fascinating process behind how meat sticks are made

You’ll be pleased to hear that meat sticks have greatly improved since the Slim Jim craze of the ’90s. 

You’ve probably seen Vermont Smoke & Cure’s meat sticks in stores. The “consciously-crafted” meat snacks have actually been around since 1962. Made with real spices, free of preservatives and from humanely raised meats, it’s definitely the more grownup meat stick. Vermont Smoke & Cure gave a behind-the-scenes look at how it makes its quality snacks. 

The company starts by grinding big chunks of beef trim, beef and pork or boneless turkey legs free of antibiotics and added hormones. 

“We never bring in meats that are pre-ground and never use any mechanically separated meats,” the company stated.

While the meat is ground, spices like cracked pepper, molasses and tamarind are added into the mix. 

“It just gives the great flavor and you can see it in things. Like tamarind and the molasses in the barbecue,” the company said

Next, the company places the ground meat in super-long casing before fermenting the sausage links to lower the pH, which helps to naturally preserve it. The low pH also gives the meat sticks a tangy flavor. 

Then the links are slowly dried and cut to size. Finally, state-of-the-art equipment seals the meat sticks in Vermont Smoke & Cure’s packaging so that they can be shipped to retailers. 

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