Automatic hair curler promises the ‘perfect curl’ with just a push of a button

The latest beauty gadget claims it can create the perfect curl at the push of a button. But does it really deliver? 

Conair’s Unbound cordless automatic curler has gotten quite the reputation on TikTok. It’s a portable, cordless and rechargeable automatic hair curler that’s supposed to make styling your hair a breeze. 

Watch along as In The Know’s Lisa Azcona tests the Unbound styler against a traditional curling wand to see if it lives up to the hype. 

“Before I get started, I’m going to first adjust the settings on the screen. You can toggle between three different heat settings, four different timers, and choose the direction of the curl,” Lisa says. 

The Unbound works best with smaller sections if you’ve got long hair like Lisa. You’ll also want to be sure to use a heat protectant and to detangle your hair before diving in. 

Lisa placed a section of her hair into the Unbound curler to kick things off.

“Once it’s in there, press the start button to begin curling,” she explained. “And it should be held continuously until you hear the timer go off with two rapid beeps. Release the “start” button and pull the curler down to reveal the curl.”

Although she was a little intimidated by the device at first, she was surprised at the results. After the Unbound released her hair strand, it unfurled an immaculate curl. 

“Oh my God, look at that curl. It’s literally perfect. It’s bouncy. I’m shook,” she said. 

But in the end, the classic wand still just felt more versatile for her lengthy locks. 

“My hair did not get stuck in there, thank God,” she said. “But I do think you need a lot of patience for this tool; it’s a bit time-consuming. I do feel like it created a much tighter curl than I would typically prefer. When I tried curling larger sections, it didn’t work too well.”

Lisa said the product might work better for shorter hair or for people who want a specific look. The traditional curling wand was more customizable, allowing her to make tight, loose or wavy curls, while the Unbound had more of a one-size-fits-all standard curl.

“I didn’t necessarily feel that same sense of freedom with the automatic curler,” Lisa explained. “Overall, I could see myself using this again. I’m not the best at curling my hair with a curling wand so this tool is definitely helpful.” 

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