Construction worker makes toddler’s day by including him in their excavator work

These construction workers went above and beyond to make a toddler’s day by including him in their work, and it had TikTokers’ hearts melting!

This video proves you don’t have to be young to be young-at-heart! A TikToker who goes by @iwishicouldsleep recorded the sweet moment when a group of construction workers put their work on hold to play with a toddler. The construction workers used an excavator to scoop up dirt and place it in the child’s toy dump truck, while the overjoyed toddler looked on!


Literally tell me youve seen something cuter. I cant stop sending this to people ☺️☺️

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The video begins with a group of construction workers standing outdoors on a suburban street. They appear to be digging a hole in the street with an excavator. Several construction workers stand in a group, while one sits in the cab of the excavator. 

To the side of the construction scene, a toddler stands with a guardian, eagerly watching the construction workers at work. At first, it appears to be just a normal workday, but then something unexpected happens!

The toddler and his guardian have placed a tiny toy dump truck in the street, near the construction site. The excavator arm begins to move, picking up a load of dirt and pivoting toward the toy dump truck. As the excited toddler and his guardian watch, the excavator deposits the dirt in the back of the toy dump truck!

As the dirt begins to pour out of the excavator claw, the toddler screams and jumps up and down with excitement. “Literally tell me you’ve seen something cuter,” the TikToker writes. “I can’t stop sending this to people.”

TikTokers couldn’t get enough of the adorable video!

“Let’s normalize that the world is truly nothing like we see on the news every night. There’s way more of this out there than the bad stuff,” one TikToker wrote. 

“Just imagine this worker went home and told his wife, ‘Honey, you’ll never guess what I did today!’” another viewer commented. 

“The fact that they all stopped working to watch the joy on that baby’s face. Well done!” another viewer chimed in.   

The sweet moment between the toddler and construction workers shows that sometimes the smallest gesture can become a core memory!

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