Container ship officer shares wild TikTok showing how long it takes to stop his boat

A container ship worker is going viral after showing just how long it takes to stop one of the massive, cargo-carrying boats.

The U.K.-based seafarer, named Joe (@joethesailor), shared the shocking video on TikTok, where he frequently posts about his life as the chief officer on a container ship.

His clip is just the latest in a recent trend on the app. For months, users have revealed the wildest facts about their jobs — from how much NFL water boys make a year to how workers fill ice skating rinks in the winter.

Joe’s video, meanwhile, came in response to another TikToker’s question. As he explains, stopping his container ship when it’s at “full ahead” (a speed of 22.7 knots, or slightly over 26 miles per hour) takes a full 29 minutes. What’s more, the ship would cover a space of 4 miles as it stopped.

Joe continues by explaining that figures like these are pre-calculated, and contained in a sheet called the “wheelhouse poster.” He also said that he could stop the ship faster if he really needed to, although it would likely damage the ship and make the engineers “scream” at him.

TikTok users were stunned by the information.

“That actually blows my mind,” one user wrote. “29 minutes is insane.”

“That is not a stop that’s slowing down,” another joked.

Others used the opportunity to ask even more questions about Joe’s job. Thankfully, the TikToker has plenty of videos addressing his career — including one on how to steer a ship as large as his.

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