Control your lights with your phone using these smart light bulbs

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Dim the lights, change the color of the bulbs and turn them off and on with just the touch of a button on your phone. It’s all easy to do with ilumi Bluetooth Smart LED Light Bulbs.

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Credit: Amazon

The ilumi light bulb screws into any light fixture like your regular schmegular light bulb, but then, it has built-in lighting programs to set the perfect mood, like “focus lighting” to “relaxing lighting.” Using the free ilumi app on your smartphone or tablet, you can change the color and brightness, set up a schedule to go with your daily routine or simply turn them on and off. They can be used anywhere in your home, and there are even outdoor options.

Realistically speaking, there are a few reasons you might want to turn on the lights without actually hitting the switch. You could be worried about your home’s security and want to turn on the lights to look like someone is home, you might want help waking up by having the lights go on with your morning alarm (based on personal experience, we highly recommend) or you might not feel like getting up to shut them off before going to sleep.

No matter your reasoning for wanting a smart lighting system, these bulbs can probably do it for you.

Credit: Amazon

“I love my ilumi bulb!” wrote one Amazon reviewer. “My roommate and I have 3 bulbs (bedrooms/ living room) and we have so much fun setting up our apartment in different moods and colors. It’s really amazing how much color can effect the feel of a room. We’ve set up the color changing music for gatherings. I cheat and use morning white light when I am staying up late working to keep me alert. It’s also nice to wake up to different colors too. It definitely adds another level to the home to make it feel more personalized and customized. Set up was pretty easy too.”

“My first ilumi was a gift from my friend. I loved it so much I bought another one for my living room and it’s perfect brightness, low wattage, easily controllable through app. No need to walk across the room just to turn it on or off. It’s easily adjustable to any color, any brightness and ambient setting for working, reading, and relaxing the eyes,” wrote another.

Shop the smart light bulb and check out more in the video above!

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