TikTok mom’s controversial dishwasher snack hack has parents torn: ‘This is on another level’

In a sea of parenting hacks and clever tips, this mom’s TikTok hack truly shines for its ingenuity — and for the controversy it’s creating amongst viewers.

Mom of 2 @queenjahra is making waves for her mind-blowing dishwasher snack hack, as made evident by the nearly 6K comments left on her video.


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With nothing more than the words “And the kids STILL don’t know!!!!” written onscreen, we see the TikTok mom open her dishwasher to reveal, shockingly, not a single dish.

Instead, both racks of her appliance are neatly packed with snacks! Rows and rows of enticing snacks. And while her caption doesn’t offer any explanation, she provides some insight in the comments.

When one user asked, “Are you hiding that for yourself? Because goals,” she replied, “I don’t eat any of it. It’s the kids’ snacks. I’m just here for portion control.”

Someone else asked how she does her dishes. Her succinct answer was, “Hot water, Dawn, and bleach!”

“How long have you been keeping this secret?” another user asked. “MONTHS!!!” she replied.

‘Oh h*** naw…’

But in reading the comments, it becomes immediately clear that people are torn about this hidden snack hack.

Some absolutely love the idea. “This is a level of mom code cracking that is genius!” wrote one user.

“Mine’s broken so since I’m washing by hand anyway… h*** yes. May have to turn it into a freezer for all my Oreo Drumsticks,” said another user.

“I have never used our dishwasher. This is a must now!!! I’m not gonna tell my hubby or daughter,” wrote another user.

“I’M DOING THIS TONIGHT! Ima have so much more room on our counters and in our cabinets!” another comment read.

Some users even remember such a hack from their own childhoods. “We did this growing up because our dishwasher broke and my dad was super frugal and didn’t want to get a new one, so we used it for storage, haha,” one commenter said.

But for some, the hack is unthinkable. “All fun and games until the dishwasher accidentally gets turned on…” warned one user.

“Okay so I CAN hand wash my dishes but this device was meant to do that for me so I’ll keep my snacks in my pantry,” said one comment.

“That’s cool but the only thing I love more than snacks is not having to hand wash dishes,” wrote another user.

“Oh h*** naw. If I didn’t use my dishwasher every single day, I would definitely do this,” said another.

But no matter where you stand on the issue, one thing is clear: parents will go to great extremes to outsmart their little ones, even if it means washing their dishes by hand!

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