Mom’s controversial ice cream hack has TikTok split: ‘This seems much more difficult’

This TikTok parent shared an easy and delicious hack for serving ice cream — but not everyone agrees it’s a great hack!

Lauren (@lauren.clutter) is a parent who shares hacks, cool parenting products, and relatable motherhood content on TikTok. She’s also a member of a 6-person family, which means serving up meals can be a lot of work. 

Lauren particularly hates scooping ice cream for her family of 6 when dessert time rolls around, so she came up with a clever hack to make serving ice cream easier: slicing ice cream instead of scooping it!

First, she grabs a large rectangular carton of chocolate ice cream. Using a sharp kitchen knife, she begins cutting around the edges of the ice cream container in order to loosen the ice cream. 

Next, she turns the carton over, and lets the ice cream slide out. 

Finally, she slices the ice cream into smaller portions and transfers them to bowls. The final ice cream slices look more like a piece of ice cream cake than a traditional scoop of ice cream. 

Lauren claims the ice cream slices are “so fun and easy to serve.” They’re also perfect for quickly serving up portions of ice cream to a large group of people.

TikTokers had mixed opinions on the ice cream slicing hack

One viewer questioned whether slicing ice cream actually saves time. “This seems much more difficult,” the skeptical TikToker wrote. 

Another suggested an alternative strategy that they thought was easier. “Way too much work,” the TikTok user wrote. “I just put mine in the microwave for about 14 seconds and it’s perfect.”

Still another worried about leftovers. “Where do you put the extra ice cream?” They asked, to which Lauren responded by joking, “What extra ice cream?” 

Other viewers jumped into the comments to express their appreciation for the hack. 

One pointed out that the hack was perfect for big group gatherings, writing, “This would be great for birthday parties!”

Another TikToker recalled, “This is how we did it growing up when the cartons were rectangles that opened all the way up.”

Another impressed viewer wrote, “Ice cream slices – so fun!”

Lauren’s ice cream hack might not be for everyone, but whether you’re into scoops or slices, there’s no wrong way to eat ice cream!

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