Home chef stuns TikTok with ‘brilliant’ life hack for cooking chicken in the oven

A home chef is going viral after sharing their “brilliant” hack for how to cook chicken in the oven.

It’s the newest entry in a seemingly unlimited list of home cooking hacks to emerge from TikTok. In the past, users have revealed their tips for getting eggshells out of food, squeezing extra juice out of a lemon and “perfectly” flipping a grilled cheese.

This latest cooking hack, courtesy of user @rajmin2025, shows how you can use a wire rack to level up your chicken cooking game.



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The video went viral thanks partly to user @fr33z3socold, who shared a clip of his reaction to the life hack.

“Why the h*** am I just now seeing this?” @fr33z3socold captioned his clip.

In his reaction video, @fr33z3socold shares his shock to discover that you can hang drumsticks from a wire rack. This trick, according to the video, will let them hang and cook evenly in the oven — all while adding some delicious chicken flavoring onto any veggies or potatoes you want to cook below.

Most TikTokers had a fairly positive response to the cooking tip. Some even called it “brilliant.”

“That looks delicious,” one user wrote.

“Peoples’ creativity can be next-level sometimes,” another added.

Others, however, pointed out flaws in the hack. Some said it would make the chicken too dry, while others noted that a single-sized rack won’t hold certain drumsticks — some may be too small or too large.

The good news? Even if this TikTok hack doesn’t work for you, there’ll always be another one to try tomorrow.

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