Woman creates ‘cookbook club’ with her friends, and TikTok is in love with the idea: ‘This is the DREAM’

One woman’s simple little idea for getting friends together has people seriously wondering why this hasn’t become “a thing” yet. It’s called a “cookbook club,” and the basic premise is similar to a book club but way easier — and yummier.

According to Alana Laverty (@alanalavv), she’s actually had the idea for a club like this for a long time and even tried to get one off the ground when she lived in New York. Unfortunately, it “flopped,” but after she moved to London, she decided to give it one more try, and it worked.

Now, all her childhood dreams are coming true.


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“The first rule about Cookbook Club is, ‘Don’t talk about Cookbook Club!'” Laverty jokes at the start of her TikTok.

(Don’t worry — that’s not actually a rule.)

She then explains that the whole thing involves a group of friends getting the same cookbook, picking a recipe they’d like to try and coming together for a casual potluck to chat over their creations. (Kind of genius, right?)

Laverty says her London-based friends just so happen to be fellow “foodies,” which made the idea a whole lot easier to sell. So, as she narrates the video, she also shows viewers how she preps for a typical “club meeting” by setting her table with a pretty pink tablecloth and her best utensils. Her friends come over, and they chat and prep whatever else is needed and even sip cocktails before they sit down for a nice lunch.

“This month was an Ina Garten cookbook, and Sophia even did a little talk and shared some fun facts about her, but the whole thing was just divine,” Laverty shared. “We all agreed that we slayed Cookbook Club. I highly recommend you start one with your friends.”

In a follow-up video, Laverty shared what everyone made for the potluck, as so many requests came in for more details. And, as you might imagine, every single dish looked to die for.

“I’m obsessed with this,” wrote one commenter, while another said it was “the best thing” she’d ever seen.


Replying to @alana lav what we all made at cook book club (sorry this was chaotic) #cookbookclub #cookbooks #bookclub #ladieswholunch lol #dinnerparty #hosting

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Since posting her video, it’s received over 2 million views and lots of praise.

“Get it girl,” one person wrote in the comments.

“This is the DREAM,” added someone else.

“i absolutely love this idea!” said another person, who shared that they recently moved to a new city and would love to give it a try.

Others wished they knew people as into this idea as they are.

“How do I get friends like this,” one person asked. “where can I sign up?”

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