Cookie pies are taking over TikTok

Cookie pies are taking over TikTok, and everyone seems to have their own spin on the decadent dessert. For the uninitiated, a cookie pie is a pie with a crust made of cookie dough, and a filling composed of rich ingredients like more cookies, candy bars, and peanut butter. The possibilities are endless, but here are 5 to whet your appetite. 

Stuffed cookie pie

This cookie pie is proof that anything worth doing is worth overdoing. And it can be conveniently made in a skillet! In addition to the cookie dough crust, it’s stuffed with everyone’s favorite guilty pleasure ingredients like peanut butter cups, Oreo cookies, marshmallows, Nutella, and cookie butter. Once baked, top off with vanilla ice cream because you’re worth it. 

Kinder Bueno cookie pie

This cookie pie from @mrsbrownsbakescakes is for all you Kinder Bueno fans out there. The inside is filled with Kinder chocolates that are drenched in milk and white chocolate spread. Another layer of Kinder Bueno spread gets added before putting the cookie dough “lid” on top. Hopefully there’s a big enough glass of milk to go with this cookie pie!

S’more cookie pie

If you’ve ever wanted a GIANT s’more, this cookie pie is for you. And like the classic campfire snack, it only requires 3 components! Between layers of cookie dough, the filmer lays out chocolate bars and spreads marshmallow fluff on top. This takes “glamping” to a whole new level!

Creme egg cookie pie

Another one from the geniuses over at @mrsbrownsbakescakes, this cookie pie is filled with creme eggs and layers of the sugary syrup inside of creme eggs. This is one treat that definitely gives the Easter bunny a run for its money!

Vegan cookie dough pie (gluten-free, no bake)

Credit: Vegan Richa

Don’t worry, vegans can enjoy cookie pie too! And this vegan cookie pie looks even better than the non-vegan ones! It’s got a creamy dairy-free ice cream filling that will have vegans and non-vegans fighting over the last bite.

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