Redditor sets social media on fire with their ‘next-level’ cooking fail

Some cooking fails are so perfect, they’re almost better than doing things right.

That’s the way Reddit users seem to feel about one home chef, who managed to royally mess up a seemingly elementary recipe.

Their task? Cooking a batch of packaged crescent rolls. In theory, the process should be as easy as unraveling the package, rolling the dough and turning on the oven. For user ditlit11134, it wasn’t so easy.

“Made croissants … didn’t know I was supposed to roll them,” the user captioned their post.

The failure seemed to stun Redditors, most of whom playfully mocked ditlit11134’s failure. Mostly, they wondered how something like this could happen.

“How did you think the… two-dimensional triangles would become three-dimensional croissants,” one user asked.

“The instructions are on the back of the can,” another added.

Ditlit11134 openly admitted that, despite the recipe’s simplicity, they failed to understand the instructions. The home cook told users it was their “first time” making crescent rolls.

“Well, I read [the instructions], and (this is gonna sound really stupid) it didn’t specify how to roll them* so I assumed to roll them out and that was it,” they explained.

Many users praised the mistake, thanking ditlit11134 for injecting some humor into their day.

“Sorry this is next level dumb, I’m dying,” one wrote.

“This killed me. I’m sorry your croissants didn’t turn out, but I laughed so hard looking at this,” another added.

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