TikToker shares ‘beyond genius’ cooking hack for measuring sticky ingredients

This TikToker has the most brilliant cooking hack for measuring sticky ingredients!

Holly (@healingwithholly22) is a TikToker and home chef who shares simple, low-cost recipes and cooking hacks. In a recent video, Holly shared her favorite easy hack for measuring sticky ingredients. If you’ve ever struggled to get ingredients like honey or syrup out of your measuring spoon and into your mixing bowl, Holly’s hack might just change your life.

Holly’s video begins with a shot of a mixing bowl full of flour. Holly holds a half tablespoon measuring spoon up to the camera and turns it from side to side.

“If you have to measure something sticky such as honey or syrup, dip the back of your spoon into your mixture and pour in,” she advises. “Perfect measurement.” 

Holly then demonstrates her hack. Instead of filling the measuring spoon with her ingredient, she places the back of the spoon in her bowl of flour. She presses evenly to create an indentation that is the exact shape and size of the spoon.

Then Holly removes the spoon from the bowl of flour and pours a dollop of honey into the indentation. She fills the indentation up to its top edge in order to create her measurement. Once the honey is in the bowl of flour, all Holly needs to do is mix her ingredients and get baking.

Genius or imprecise?

Viewers were divided by Holly’s hack. Some applauded the simplicity and creativity of the hack, while others worried that her measurements might not be precise enough. 

“That’s a great hack!” wrote one impressed viewer. 

“This is beyond genius!” commented another TikToker.  

“But the back of the spoon is larger than the measuring side,” observed another viewer. 

Other viewers suggested their own alternative hacks. 

“Just coat the spoon with oil and it’ll slide right out. Easy clean-up,” suggested one home cook. 

“Just weigh with [the] metric [system]. It’s so much quicker than measuring by volume and you don’t need to clean measuring cups,” wrote another TikToker.  

When it comes to measuring ingredients, the best strategy is the one that works for you. But if you’ve ever struggled to measure out sticky ingredients, Holly’s hack might be worth a try.

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