5 cool candy apple recipes for fall

Nothing says fall like a candy apple. Whether covered in chocolate, caramel or a hard candy shell, the dessert on a stick is easy to make and fun to eat. Now, thanks to TikTok, candy apples have reached a new level of artistry. From Mickey Mouse to popcorn bags, here are five candy apple recipes that are serious about presentation. 

1. Marble-dipped candy apples

These candy apples look as if they belong in a museum! TikToker @teylormadecakes begins by adding white food coloring to the liquid candy concoction. One tip: Starting with a white base will give the apples a more vibrant color. After boiling and mixing thoroughly, she then adds a few drops of pink and yellow food coloring to the brew. Next, she gently shakes the pot to create colorful swirls before dipping in the apple.

2. Snow White’s evil queen poison candy apples

Magic mirror on the wall, which candy apple is the best of all? This Snow White-inspired recipe from TikToker and Disney movie food series creator Gabrielle Williams (@gabby.jaye) pays tribute to the iconic poison apple from the animated film. After submerging an apple in a sludgy green candy coating, Williams uses a ketchup bottle filled with melted green chocolate pellets to illustrate the poison apple’s spooky expression. 

3. Cinnamon Toast Crunch white chocolate caramel apples

Combine breakfast and dessert with this recipe. TikToker @kandyapplesbyk first dips the apple in caramel and melted white chocolate before rolling it in bits of Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal. The finished product is a sweet twist on a breakfast classic that really packs a crunch. 

4. Mickey Mouse candy apples


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Bring the Disney magic to your home with this recipe for Mickey Mouse candy apples. TikToker @nakama_kou begins by dipping the apple in caramel before placing a marshmallow on each side to form Mickey’s ears. Next, they dunk the apple in melted chocolate, completely coating the whole thing. They then dip the bottom half in melted white chocolate. Mickey is finally brought to life with two yellow M&M’s for his buttons, followed by a generous sprinkle of coarse red sugar for his shorts. 

5. Popcorn-themed caramel apples

For your next movie night, impress your guests with this optical illusion candy apple. After dunking the apple in red candy coating, TikToker @sabrinalontaye pastes on vertical strips of white fondant. Next, she sticks a cluster of caramel popcorn around the stick before adding a sugar cookie popcorn label for a finishing touch.

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