Coolest dad ever lives in an old commercial airplane

Joe Axline fulfilled his lifelong dream several years ago when he finally bought an old airplane and converted it into his dream bachelor pad.

The plane is fully functional as a home and comes with all the cool original plane fixtures. Axline nicknamed it “Project Freedom.”

“It’s a true house that I have 100 percent of,” Axline told In the Know. “Most poor men, when they get married, only get the garage.”

Axline went out on a limb and finally bought the plane after going through a divorce with his wife in 2011. His kids visit their dad’s plane where there are designated beds for both of them.

While a plane might seem small and cramped, Axline has a pretty nice setup. He kept the overhead compartment above his newly installed queen bed and attached his iPad to the bottom of the compartment so he can watch movies lying down.

Axline made use of most of the plane’s fixtures, but did install a shower and opened up the bathroom.

“This is the funnest part of the whole project right here,” Axline said, opening up the door to the cockpit. “Is that the coolest or what?”

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