Co-parenting dad goes above and beyond for his weekend with his kids: ‘Your babies will never forget this’

A single dad shared how he prepares to have his kids for the weekend, and TikTokers are applauding his above and beyond effort.

Father and TikToker @wiccantrash gained over 745,000 views and nearly 3,000 comments when he shared his video online.

Now, just like the dad who had the best reaction to discovering his 11-year-old had been drinking mimosas in the bathtub, this loving father is touching hearts around the world.

In the video, @wiccantrash takes viewers through all the thoughtful preparation he’s done for his weekend with the kids.

First, he has dinner all prepped and ready to cook to “lower stress and cook time” and “maximize fun.”

Next, he shows off his drink dispenser filled with their “fancy” drinks on tap.

Finally, he pans to his fully-loaded snack plate for movie night, overflowing with goodies like Doritos, Airheads, Milk Duds, Reese’s Cups and popcorn.

“Trying to be a good dad!” he writes at the conclusion of his video.

As the daughter of a father who didn’t care… thank you’

Thousands of TikTokers were touched by the loving father’s efforts.

“This is the sweetest and cutest ever. I bet they’ll love it,” one user wrote.

“You might not think so, but they will remember and cherish this,” another user commented.

“You are a great dad! Your babies will never forget this,” wrote another user.

“What I would’ve done to have a dad like this,” one person shared.

“As the daughter of a father who didn’t care… thank you,” another user said.

“They will be 30 still talking about how fun ‘staying at Dad’s was.’ This will really be a core memory,” commented one user.

“Amazing. I don’t know you, but I’m proud,” lauded another user.

Thanks to loving parents like @wiccantrash doing an amazing job of raising future generations, our world is sure to be a better place.

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