TikToker shares gluten-free copycat Entenmann’s chocolate donut recipe

TikToker Rachel Mansfield (@rachlmansfield) shared a gluten-free, nut-free and dairy-free copycat recipe for Entenmann’s chocolate donuts, and it’s got mouths watering all over TikTok.

Mansfield is a chef who enjoys making healthy food taste delicious. Her ASMR-style clip begins with close-up footage of a glass mixing bowl on a counter. She shows each ingredient through a series of quick shots, starting with the batter, which includes dairy-free coconut yogurt, egg, coconut oil and vanilla extract. It’s then combined with coconut sugar, oat flour and baking powder.

Once the batter is ready, the clip cuts to another close-up shot of Mansfield gingerly filling each donut mold, followed by footage of her pouring dark chocolate chips into a bowl and then melting them. 

Suddenly, she slides the donut mold into the frame and removes it, revealing fresh, golden brown donuts before she places a bowl of melted chocolate in front of the camera. 

The final mouthwatering shots feature Mansfield dipping each donut into the chocolate before she places them on a rack to dry. The video closes with a snap of a chocolatey donut with a bite taken out of it being placed on a stack of the rest of the donuts.

“So satisfying.”

Viewers were not only impressed with Mansfield’s copycat version of the pantry staple, but they also appreciated the recipe’s execution. 

“So satisfying,” one user commented. 

“Omg yummmmmm,” gushed one TikToker. 

In reference to Mansfield’s video caption, which reads, “Bury me with a box of these, please,” one viewer declared, “Me too please,” while another chimed in with their request for “five boxes.” 

If Mansfield’s recipe is this satisfying to watch, one can only imagine how amazing the donuts taste!

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