What is the ‘core memory’ trend and how do you do it?

TikTok is obsessed with making things feel nostalgic. As society grapples with these uncertain times, people seem to want to go back to when things were simpler. 

Before it was the “how a memory sounds” trend, now people are recreating their “core memories.” In the trend, TikTokers are sharing videos of their most joyful moments from the past. 

Like the “how a memory sounds” trend, the “core memory” challenge also uses the echo effect and piano music by Dorian Marko to make the video feel ethereal. The combination of the eerie piano music and the reverberating sounds can make any clip feel like you’re peeking at someone’s memory. 

What are core memories? 

Core memories is a concept from the Pixar animated film Inside Out. The device is used to explain how specific moments in life can shape our future selves and personalities. 

TikTokers celebrate their core memories 

The hashtag #corememories has over 660 million views and #corememory has over 220 million on TikTok. 

“A core memory,” @sierrakai.1 wrote in the caption of a video where she and her friend spinning on some playground equipment. 

“Finding out I passed the bar exam and would be a lawyer after eight long years,” @kpm944 said in the caption

In her core memory, she bawled at the test results while her family cheered her on. 

“Core memory = when dad finds us before every game,” @ktjosselyn explained. 

In the video, her referee dad met her on the sidelines just before the game kicked off.

How to do the “core memory” trend on TikTok

Step 1: To add the piano music from the trend by musician Dorian Marko, tap “Sounds.” 

Step 2: Locate a video that already uses the sound and hit “Use This Sound.” 

Step 3: Upload the video of your “core memory.” 

Step 4: Hit “Next” and select “Voice Effects.” Choose the “Echo” option. 

Step 5: Post your video with the hashtag #corememories. 

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