This corn stripper has ONE job — does it do it well?

A YouTube video that recently caught my eye advertised FIVE corn stripper kitchen gadgets you must have.

I know I’m low maintenance, but I honestly don’t think you need five corn strippers in your kitchen. What, do you live in a mansion or something? 

My kitchen situation is: I have to put things on the kitchen floor when I’m chopping. My rice cooker — which I adore like a firstborn child — takes up a ton of space, but there’s nowhere else to put it.

So, suffice it to say, I’m very picky when it comes to kitchen gadgets and which ones are worthy of taking up space in my kitchen that could otherwise be taken up by…food, I guess.

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What is a corn stripper?

A corn stripper is pretty self-explanatory. It’s a gadget that helps you shave the kernels off of corncobs, and you can get it for $15 on Amazon.

How often are people trying to strip corn at home? Apparently, the answer is — all of the people in the comments section of this YouTube video. Everyone, except for one guy who said “corn tastes best on the cob,” thinks this tool is genius.

How will I determine whether a corn stripper is worth it?

Is a corn stripper actually genius? Let’s investigate by seeing how many corn cobs I can actually strip in one minute. 

When will I ever need to race a clock to produce loose corn? Never. But this is fun.

Let’s set the clock and see how fast this thing works. If I’m really impressed, maybe I’m wrong, and you do need one to five corn strippers in your kitchen at all times.

The results

I was able to strip three corncobs comfortably within my 60-second timeframe. It actually was very easy and fun, and I’d argue a lot more impressionable to me than, say, the Eggstractor.

Do you need five of them? I guess that depends on your corn intake. But for now, if you have the room, I wouldn’t mind putting my rice cooker on the ground to make room for the corn stripper.

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