Cornish grandpa stuns TikTok with thick accent: ‘I can’t understand a single word’

TikToker Maria Warne introduced her followers to her “granfer” and left them stunned.

Tom Warne, a 76-year-old Cornish farmer, went viral thanks to his strong accent. Even English speakers couldn’t understand a word the grandad said. 


Meet my granfer ❤️❤️

♬ original sound – Maria Warne

In case you need a translation, here’s what Tom is saying in the above video in perfect English, according to Maria:

“Feeding time at the zoo, now you yes, coming now. Them not chimps, them bleeding bullocks, great hellers. There’s one now come, he’s the last one, he don’t want no supper. One there now buggering around with the gate!”

The video racked up over 576,000 views on TikTok. Users were left perplexed by Tom’s accent, which hails from North Cornwall in England. 

“It sounds like he’s talking in reverse,” one user wrote

“I can’t understand a single word, but I believe him,” another commented.

“I’ve lived in Cornwall almost my whole life and this is possibly the most Cornish-sounding man I have ever heard,” someone else added.

Maria told Cornwall Live that her granfer helped raise her and her little sister to become the people they are today.

“He’s helped me through my toughest times with his Cornish words of wisdom,” she said.

But both she and Tom were stunned when he went viral on her TikTok, where he has been featured plenty of times since.

“When he found out, his exact words were ‘bloody hell.’ He was speechless. I was also speechless. I included him in the video as he’s such a big part of my life. We see each other every day and have a very strong relationship,” Maria said.

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