Cosplayer transforms into famous villains and the looks are outrageous

Karla Ferreira Baxa is a cosplayer with a bit of an edge. Baxa isn’t afraid to dabble with some of the most popular franchises’ darkest characters on her TikTok karla_mua_baxa. The makeup artist has become the Joker from “Batman,” Venom from “Spider-Man,” Darth Maul from “Star Wars” and well, one time she quite literally became the devil herself. 

One of Baxa’s most popular transformations is none other than he who must not be named: Voldermort from “Harry Potter.” Becoming the iconic literary villain requires a lot of tape. 

Baxa begins by putting on a bald cap. Then she tapes her nose down to make Voldemort’s flat, snake-like nostrils. Baxa dabs white powder all over her face, including the nose tape and cap. Next, she begins using pale grays and pinks to add dimension and detail to Voldemort’s face like his sunken eyes. Finally, she adds a few lines to her face and head to make the wizard look more weathered. The transformation is complete and it’s scary AF. 

The TikTok racked up over 732,000 views. People were shook. 

“Don’t pronounce his name!” one person commented

“Voldemort has never looked so good,” another said

“It’s the nose squish for me,” a user wrote

The self-taught artist began crowdsourcing funds to study special effects makeup in August. 

“If 15,000 of my followers Venmo me only $2, I can study to become a SFX makeup artist and my dream would come true,” she wrote in a video caption

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